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Education and Training:

BS Biochemistry, June 1971 Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Illinois

MBA International Management, December 1981 Golden Gate University, San Francisco, California

California Medical Technologist License - Chemistry, 1976 Member: California Separation Society and Bay Area Mass Spec discussion group


Extensive experience with product launches - developing, marketing and introducing new products and technologies. Wrote numerous publications and promotional literature which communicated new product development.

Recent Experience


Art Robbins Instruments, Sunnyvale, CA (2/05-1/06) Regional Sales Representative;

Responsible for capital equipment sales of Robotic Liquid Handlers, Nanoliter Inkjet Dispensers, Hydra Service and HLA Consumables.


Innovadyne Technologies, Inc. Santa Rosa, CA (2/04-8/04) Consultant. I analyzed and made recommendations for the Nanoliter Inkjet Dispenser market.


Cartesian Technologies, Inc./Genomic Solutions, Inc. Irvine, CA (7/01-present) Northwest Sales Manager. David Lorenz, Supervisor. Responsible for capital equipment sales of Robotic Liquid Handlers, laboratory Inkjet Dispensers and MicroArray instrumentation in Northern California, east to Denver and North through Canada and Seattle, Washington.? My primary customer groups are drug discovery companies,? genomic core facilities, protein crystallography production labs and microfluidics R&D startups.

Richard Scientific, Inc., Novato CA (3/98-present) National Sales Manager. Richard Devereaux, President
Responsible for the sales of the Sedex Evaporative Light Scattering Detectors (ELSD) for HPLC manufactured by SEDERE, Alfortville, France. Within the US, I support, train and develop a domestic sales organization; Define new products. Manage trade shows. Forecast and adhere to a sales and marketing budget. I am also responsible for developing sales of a laser induced fluorescence detector (LIFD) for CE, CEC, uHPLC and HPLC. The LIFD is manufactured by Picometrics, Inc. Toulouse, France.

RoboSynthon, Inc., So. San Francisco CA (11/96-3/98) Vice President: Sales & Marketing. Robert Nelson, President
Fully responsible for the sales & marketing of workstations for combinatorial chemistry. Introduce new products for High Throughput Organic Synthesis. Train and develop a domestic and international sales organization; Establish a "Total Solutions" market position. Produce and maintain a website, www.robosynthon.com. Write promotional literature, press releases and advertisements. Define new products. Manage trade shows. forecast and adhere to a sales and marketing budget. Managed and passed ISO 9000 audit.

Sarasep, Inc, Santa Clara, CA (6/95-7/96) Business Development: Molecular Biology Separations, Doug Gjerde, Proprietor.
Introduced, organized and established a sales and marketing department for a technology startup. Developed a product line for Molecular Biology. Directed research projects and market research. Specialized in oligonucleotide and PCR-DNA separations using DNASep, a polymeric HPLC column. Wrote and designed promotional literature, brochures, advertisements and application notes. Wrote technical articles promoting DNASep to biopharmaceutical and molecular biologists. Organized trade shows and selected distributors and reps. Made business presentations to top management at major instrument companies.

Microtech Scientific, Sunnyvale, CA. (6/93- 6/95) Director Sales & Marketing, Frank J. Yang, Proprietor.
Installed and organized a Sales and Marketing Department for a startup technology company. Established US and Canadian distribution of a microbore HPLC pump, capillary uLC columns and accessories. Wrote and designed brochures, advertisements, application notes and other promotional literature, organized trade show exhibits. Managed and selected a rep organization. Demo'd microLC systems. Trained customers on LC-MS applications for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Planned and managed sales and marketing. Other management duties of a startup.

Spectra Physics Analytical, Fremont CA (1/90-6/93)Technical Sales Specialist, Tim Schlabach, Product Manager.
Specialized in capillary electrophoresis, sold and supported CE sales in the Central and Western Regions. Sold the first CE for SPA and assisted and advised prototype development. Installed and repaired CEs, trained customers and sales personnel, gave seminars, developed and wrote new application notes, demonstrated and closed CE sales. Specialized in CE sales to biopharmaceutical and chemical industries. Traveled several times to China, Japan, Taiwan and Korea to sell and install, give seminars and train international distributors. Promoted to Associate Product Marketing Manager.

AE Instruments San Francisco CA(1982-1990) Proprietor, Self-Employed. Manufacturer's Representative.
Specialized in introducing new laboratory products to California and the West Coast. Specialized in radioactivity detectors for HPLC. Accounts included biotechnology, pharmaceutical, chemical, clinical and research laboratories. Developed and presented at HPLC '86 a multi-capillary HPLC column, expert radiochromatographic software, robotic extraction system and flow splitter. Presented several papers at trade shows. Managed several sales reps.

Experience +10 yrs

Nuclear Enterprises (1981-1982). Biochemistry Product Manager. Carl Woodworth, Supervisor. Promoted and introduced a new HPLC radioactivity detector, liquid scintillators and a multi-well gamma counter in the US. Selected and managed a sales force of manufacturers' representatives.

Instruspec Inc. (1979-1981), Sales Representative. George Odom, Supervisor Specialized in sales and service of chromatography products in Northern California. Often introduced new products to Northern California.

Summary of Laboratory Experience

Pathology Institute(1983-1989) Clinical Toxicologist, Robert Gielow, Supervisor Worked occasional weekend and on-call graveyard toxicology. Performed emergency toxicology specimens.

University of California San Francisco,(1974-1979) SRI International(1973-1974), University of Illinois(1971-1973) and Michael Reese Hospital(1968-1969). Research Laboratory Technician. From a part time job in college (Michael Reese Hospital) to managing a pharmacokinetics clinical laboratory in a university hospital (UCSF), I performed routine and research analytical chemistry and biochemistry tests. Developed many analytical procedures, serviced and maintained various analytical instruments. Co-authored several scientific publications.

Publications and Presentations

"Analysis of Natural Products Using LC/MS/MS in Conjunction with Evaporative Light Scattering and UV Detection" by Vince C.X. Gao and James L. Powers, Poster Presentation, ASMS 1999 Dallas, Texas

"Personal Synthesizers" by James L. Powers, Genetic Engineering News April 15, 1998

"Ion Pair Chromatography of DNA" Eve Y. Zhou and James L. Powers Poster Presentation HPLC, 1996

"Bioprocess Tutorial: Ion Pair Chromatography of DNA" James L. Powers and Douglas T. Gjerde Genetic Engineering News, April 1, 1996

"Gradient Capillary Chromatography of Proteins and Peptides" James L Powers, Xiu Mei Dou, and Frank J. Yang Poster Presentation at the Protein Society, 1994

"Advanced Mixer Design for Capillary HPLC" Frank J. Yang, James L. Powers Poster Presentation at HPLC '94

"Advances in Pump Design for MicroHPLC" Frank J. Yang and James L. Powers* Oral Presentation Pittsburgh Conference 1994

"Thermal Effects in the Separation of Ions and Peptides by CE" Timothy Schlabach, Lenore Kelly, and Jim Powers Poster Presentation at the Symposium on HPCE, Jan 25, 1993

"The Use of Methylcellulose Coated Capillaries for Indirect Analysis of Inorganic Anions" Poster Presentation at International Ion Chromatography Symposium Denver, October 1991

"Capillary Electrophoresis of Synthetic Molecules" T. Schlabach and J. Powers J. Am. Lab 1991, v.23

"The Status of Multicapillary Chromatography" Oral Presentation at HPLC'86, San Francisco, May 1986

"Off-the Shelve Automation" The Gripper, v.1 #3 April 1983

"The Application of a General Purpose Microcomputer with High Resolution Graphics to Flow-through Radioactivity Detectors for HPLC" James L. Powers and Chris Krueger Oral Presentation at The Pittsburgh Conference, March, 1983

"Gas Chromatography"(Chapter) by James L. Powers Analytical Techniques in Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Marcel Dekker, NY, 1980, W. Sadee and G.C.M. Beelan, eds.

"Determination of Quinidine by HPLC" Clinical Chemistry, February, 1978 James L. Powers amd Wolfgang Sadee

"Measurement of Procaineamide and N-Acetyl Procaineamide by HPLC" Clinical Chemistry, April 1977 L. Shukur, James L. Powers, R.A Marques, M.E. Winter and W. Sadee

"Gamma-glutamyl Transpeptidase in Bronchial Secretions" Proceedings for the Society of Experimental Biology and Medicine May, 1972, A.D. Barton, James L. Powers and R.V. Lourenco

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