Additional Reading Material about Ancient North America

1. "Prehistoric Rock Art of Nevada and Eastern California"  Robert 
F. Heizer and Martin A. Baumhoff.  1962  University of California 
Press	 Berkeley, California
 -The best modern scientific analysis of Petroglyphs

2. "Ancient Rock Carving of the Central Sierra: The North Fork 
Indian Petroglyphs" Willis A. Gartner  1984  Portola Press Woodside CA.
- Another good objective archaeological study.
3. "Picture-Writing of the American Indians"  Garrick Mallery 1972 
Dover Press (Republication of the Tenth Annual Report of the Bureau 
of Ethnology to the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institute  1888-89)
-The first catalog of American Indian and International petroglyphs 
and pictographs.  Some fascinating interpretations from last century.

4. "Ancient North America - The Archaeology of a Continent"  Brian 
M. Fagan  1991  Thames & Hudson, New York.
- A good archaeology textbook.

5. "Ancient Ruins of the Southwest" David Grant Noble  1991  
Northland Publishing, Flagstaff AZ.
- An archaeological guide to Indian and Anasazi ruins and cliff 

6. "America B.C."  Barry Fell, 1989  Pocket Books, New York.
- An alternative (however biased) view and interpretation to Pre-
Columbian commerce between Europe and the New World.  
Interesting listing of ruins and artifacts.

7. "Ice Age Earth - Late Quaternary Geology and Climate"  Alastair 
G. Dawson  1992  Routledge, London UK.
- The climate has changed drastically and catastrophically over 
the last 10,000 years, a blink of the eye in geological terms.  The 
environment of early settlers in North America can not be ignored in 
interpreting artifacts and ruins.

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